May 2019 Flock Release

Preview for Release on 5/31/2019

This is just a preview, there will be a few more in addition to the ones below.
I'm still in the process of pricing, but most will range between $300-$600.


Excited and nervous for the first flock release on our new website!

A lot of people were frustrated with Etsy's checkout process. I was too. However, I could not find an integration that would allow an item to be held in someone's "cart" without being taken by someone else before checkout. There is just no way around it I'm afraid. I hope the process on my website will be a more pleasurable experience for all involved.

I wish I could produce enough birds for everyone to catch one. It is only me in the shop. I put my whole heart into making each and every bird. Sure, I could hire someone to help, I could mass produce them - but then they wouldn't be special, unique pieces of art. 

Thank you for your appreciation and support, it means the world to me.